Energy Effervescent Tablets
Product Description
    The effervescent tablet is abroad in recent years the development and application of a novel tablet. It different from the ordinary tablets, it is that it contains effervescent disintegrants, effervescent tablets into the drinking water, the role of the effervescent disintegration agent, instantly produce a large number of bubbles (carbon dioxide), so tablet disintegration and melting rapidly, and sometimes collapse of the bubble will make the pills to roll up and down the water to accelerate its disintegration and melting. The carbon dioxide produced by partial dissolution of the tablet disintegration in drinking water drinking water drinking entrance in soda beauty.

Product Description: effervescent abroad in recent years the development and application of a novel tablet. Effervescent tablets have the following advantages: easy to save and carry; effervescent tablets disintegrating fast, easy to take from the rapid onset of action. Bioavailability, new forms, convenience food, the rapid disintegration into the water, the water presents a beautiful mist, and there are the sizzles wonderful bubble swirls down a glass of water; tens of seconds after the blink of an eye it becomes a cup of Xiangfu nutritional juice. Each one containing health and health groups daily of vitamin and trace elements, is currently on the market absorbed the fastest, the human body can fully absorb the trace elements of nutritional supplement products; concentrated fruit powder is rich in natural fruit extracts, 21 century, the best nutrition.
The effervescent tablets has the following advantages:
  - Easy to save and carry.
- The collapse of the effervescent tablets, fast, easy to take rapid onset of action.
- Bioavailability, can improve clinical outcomes.
- Especially for children, the elderly and patients with swallowing pills difficult.
- Effervescent after seasoning, taste better, the medicine is no longer bitter, so that patients are more willing to accept.
- Disintegration generated a lot of foam to increase the direct contact of the drug and lesion, the better play its efficacy effects, so effervescent tablets for oral diseases, such as control agents.