Strong opportunities for the health industry
Our society from the industrial age to the Business Times, and from the commercial era of transition to the information age, every decade as the era of transition, there will be some of the trends in the industry with the emergence of. 1970 microwave oven, VCR 80, 90 computers and the Internet in the 1980s to seize the opportunity to have become a millionaire, 90 years already grasp the opportunity to become a billionaire ......
Do you think the trend of the next few years, what is it
"Health industry in the next ten years deep into all aspects of our lives," the world's top economists, Paul ? Pilz forecast. If you are willing to grasp, this is an unprecedented opportunity for you.
Speed??, changing, all the face of competition of the 21st century, no industry, unit, position is absolute security, bankruptcy and unemployment has become one of the most fashionable term. Time to force each of us must make a choice, either to maintain the status quo, or choose to change. The only constant is change. If you do not change, you will be out of society.
Successful and that choice! The 21st century, the best choice for personal business - agent "Guangzhou City" series of health products!
"Guangzhou Youth" dedicated to the cause of your health is more valuable than gold, green business - human health!
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Rapid development of the health industry
Each person the pursuit of health is endless, for the healthy development of the industry which provides the most broad and solid foundation. Composition of the U.S. economy from one in seven in the health industry, the United States two-term president's economic adviser, the famous economist, Paul ? Pilz believes that the health industry will be following the Internet revolution, the most likely to affect world economic development industry. It is also the most promising future star industry, the next order of a trillion dollars industry, known as the "fifth wave of wealth." Disease prevention and health awareness of desire is transformed into a huge market, driven by the great development of the health industry

Paul ? Pilz expected, from 2000 to 2010, U.S. health spending by 200 billion industry to grow to $ 1 trillion, a full five-fold growth. These benefits come from providing the public is more healthy, more beautiful, aging or disease prevention products.
China is also the case! At present, China's population in 75% of sub-health population, the number of annual outpatient 20.8 million passengers. With health care reform and changes in people's health awareness, health, industry, the share of consumption will increase. According to authoritative international institutions survey found that China's urban per capita consumption expenditures for health products at 17% annual growth rate; the Chinese medical system reform, also contributed to the health industry more dynamic; especially "atypical pneumonia" after the concept of people's health due to sudden and to the "natural disasters" and to enhance China's health industry entered a rapid development era. From the world of health care market situation analysis, the health industry is also not difficult to guess China's huge market potential and bright prospects for development. "Fortune" magazine as the next 10 years the health industry, the fastest growing one of the 10 industries and ranked first. Visible, sustained and rapid development of China's economy and people's living standard continues to improve the health industry will promote the rapid development of China

"Guangzhou youth," the great wealth of market health products
student market
850 000 primary and secondary school students in 176 million, its vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium intake is generally insufficient, iron deficiency anemia as high as 30% -40%;
female market
Women's health care market is eternal market. Beauty, weight loss, menopause products are selling goods.
the elderly market
It is understood that sales of older products with a healthy 50% market share. With the "aging society" to come, demand is expected to call old age.
sub-health market
Young people in age-related diseases to spread, growing over time, sub-health impact on human life, has been enhanced in the growing health consciousness has caused more and more attention.
vitamin market
Balanced vitamin intake, diet has become a modern social phenomenon unreasonable under the general topic of fashion.
Calcium and human life has a close relationship, it will be calcium products win the market the best guarantee.

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